FPGA conversion EOL

FPGA conversion advantages:

  • Lower power
  • Cost reduction
  • IP integration (CPU ...)
  • Pin to Pin compatible
  • End of Life solution for obsolete FPGA/IC
  • Additional features per customer spec
  • Additional analog block such as ADC, DAC….
  • IP protection

We provide experienced ASIC service for reducing: risk, schedule and price. KAL has partnership with successful design houses to deliver complex, high performance & low-power ASIC/SOC solutions


Many VLSI projects starts with FPGA for proof of concept or for low volume production. For high volume production FPGA become expensive and in some times power consumed. FPGA conversion is a design process of FPGA code migration in to ASIC code and then low cost & low power ASIC can be manufactured. While FPGA is easy to copy, ASIC is protecting the customer IP and let the customer adding or removing features.

In most of our FPGA conversion projects, our customer request trunkey solution. Therefore, the project entry is FPGA RTL source code and/or FPGA Netlist and the delivery is tested ICs. However, in case the customer can handle supply chain internally, the customer can receive all production rights and produce the FPGA replacement (ASIC) by him self

End of Life ASIC service is also given for analog/mixed signal obsolete ICs – pin to pin compatible and spec to spec compatible