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Electronic design debug makes up 39%ֲ [2016 Wilson Research Group Study]ֲ of the entire verification process, partly due to the increasing complexity of development issue tracking within modern semiconductors. Debug is a complex, time consuming activity which is exacerbated by the increasing complexity of modern designs.

Our partner, Concept Engineering’s Vision range of debug tools, based on our leading visualization technology, clearly depicts complex circuit detail, allowing engineers to detect problem sources quickly. Concpet’s powerful root cause analysis solutions, driven by capabilities such as automated logic cone extraction and advanced simulation data annotation, provide debug methods proven to track down core problems quickly and efficiently. Concept’s unique customization interface allows the tool to be tailored for specific environments or provide specialized capability.



The Vision debug tools uniquely handle an exceptional range of design abstractions from system, RTL, gate, and transistors, for both analog and digital disciplines, commensurate with modern SoC platform debug. Tracking issues in third party intellectual property (IP) contained in complex System on Chips, finding failures across the analog/digital boundaries in mixed signal designs, and detecting abstract system issues throughout the development process are just some of the mechanisms available to the users of these tools.


StarVision PRO Comprehend and debug mixed mode and IP integrated, complex SoC designs
RTLvision PRO Rapidly understand, Implement and optimize SystemVerilog, and VHDL RTL code
GateVision PRO Gate-level netlist analysis, including logic cone extraction for late stage debug
SpiceVision PRO Renders schematics from SPICE netlist to enable circuit level debug and optimization

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