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Certus Semiconductor is a Unique IO & ESD Solution Company

Certus Semiconductor provide off the shelf IO and ESD solution as well as custom design. Certus provide IO and ESD for TSMC, Samsung, GF and SMIC for major geometries.

Certus offers additional ESD & IP services

  • Not every company has the I/O and ESD expertise to meet individualized requirements across a broad range of customers.ײ²ֲ  Certus have developed proprietary solutions to satisfy unique and often challenging client ESD needs in a timely yet affordable manner.
  • The ESD expertise features:
    • Specialized low-capacitance radio-frequency and high-speed digital and analog solutions.
    • Footprints up to 20% smaller than foundry-sourced options.
    • High-voltage ESD solutions capable of 10V, 15V and even 20V using baseline CMOS technologies, enabling co-integration with conventional CMOS designs and keeping processing costs to a minimum.
    • HBM robustness exceeding 4KV and CDM up to 800V for most applications, including high-speed interfaces.
    • Custom solutions to address specialized ESD requirements beyond conventional standards.
  • The ESD knowledge is not only built into our I/O & IP solutions, it is also offered as a separate service. From architectural reviews and design debug to IP co-design, Certus is available to support all your ESD & foundation IP needs.

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